Open Letter to the Families of 2020

families of 2020

Dear Families of 2020,

This past year has been a trying one. Children sent home for spring break, never went back. Stores closed, churches closed, and activities canceled. We simultaneously received more family time than expected and yet had no family time. People we loved died, cities burned, and we stayed six feet apart. Many more things could be listed, but suffice it to say this past year was difficult.

Many people say it, but I want to remind you, families of 2020, you survived. More than that, you thrived. You learned how to work from home while getting your children to learn from home. New ways of celebrating were explored as you visited loved ones virtually. You put on masks or stayed home. Churches learned to go virtual and you learned how to attend. Stores limited numbers and you waited in lines still six feet apart. You are amazing.

2020 ended, yet the trials continue, seemingly without end. Yet, you, families of 2020, move forward, finding a new normal. Work continues, school goes on and it is the family that keeps it going.

The true heroes of this trying past year are the families. You, the families of 2020, are heroes. You survived the chaos and created order. You struggled and learned, and you kept it together. You kept in touch. That took courage and strength and you stepped up. You are the true heroes of this year.

Thank you for your courage and strength. Thank you for learning and growing. Thank you for all that you have done and all that you had to sacrifice. Thank you for being true heroes, families of 2020.

With love,

A fellow survivor of 2020

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