Cat Secretly Starts World Domination


NBC News tells about a fun accident in “‘I’m not a cat’: Video shows lawyer can’t turn off kitten filter during Zoom court appearance.” In a court hearing held over Zoom one lawyer appeared as a cat. Apparently, a child had used Zoom earlier turning on the filter. It took about 30 seconds while they tried to run off the filter. Everyone had a good laugh.

The lawyer made the funny comment as he indicated his willingness to continue. He said, “I’m not a cat.” Truly though, if the cats wanted world domination wouldn’t they start with secret appearances like this one, to prepare the world. Actually this cat probably just forgot to take his Polyjuice Potion.

While I am merely joking, this incident shows some of the more fun struggles we have dealt with this past year. The lawyers handled it well and laughed it off. We have all had to deal with funny and exasperating incidents like a silly filter in a serious meeting.

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