Opening Schools Too Late For Some


PBS NewsHour tells “How the pandemic is intensifying depression and anxiety among teenagers“. We are now almost a year into the two week closure of schools to slow the spread. Many schools have just started opening for students to return to class in a limited setting. Sadly, this opening of the schools comes too late for some students.

Consistently a leading cause of death among teenagers, suicide has increased during the lockdowns. These lockdowns cut children off from friends, family members, and their structure. They took away things children had learned to rely on, forcing them into isolation. Then they expected the children to be okay.

It doesn’t work like that. Many states have reported an increase in suicide rates among children during this period. The lockdown, forced isolation, removal of the structure have increased the struggle with mental illnesses like depression. They had nothing to help them cope like they used to do, so they committed suicide.

Having dealt with suicidal thoughts and depression, I understand how hard a break in structure and the lockdown can be. Add to that, my children and spouse need to have social contact for their mental health. It came to a point that my spouse worried for my safety and our families during the lockdown. With teenagers and all the changes they go through, I can imagine it felt worse. My condolences to all the families dealing with these difficulties.

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