Candace Owens and Cardi B Twitter Fight

twitter fight

The Daily Wire reports “‘I Am 100% Suing Cardi’: Candace Owens Blasts Cardi B After Rapper Posts Doctored Tweet, False Claims“. After Cardi B’s performance of “WAP” at the Grammy’s Candace Owens reported on Fox News. Owens felt the performance degrading for women. This is not new. The two women seem to not get along. This twitter fight just highlighted their dislike and escalated.

On Twitter, after the performance, the two women started arguing. Then at one point in the Twitter fight, Cardi B posted a photo of a tweet that said that Owens’ husband cheated on her with her brother. Owens claimed this tweet photoshopped and Cardi B insisted that Owens had posted the tweet herself. When Cardi B continued to insist on the tweet’s veracity, Owen decided she would sue Cardi B for slandering her family.

From what I’ve heard about Candance Owens, I would have to agree with her. Even if Owen’s husband had cheated, I doubt she would have told the world through a tweet. That makes me pretty certain that the tweet was photoshopped and Cardi B should have thought twice before insisting on its truthfulness. I must admit that I also agree with Owens’ assessment of Cardi B’s performance as degenerate and degrading. If Cardi B truly believed the tweet truthful, she may have a case to fight against Owens. Still, I think people need to stop making personal attacks, especially against noncombatants, like family members.

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