Open Love Letter To My Spouse

My Dear Cree,

I remember how we met. In my second year of college, I had arrived early because of band camp. Immediately, I went to the library to find a few books to occupy my time. While there this cute, tall guy asked for help finding a book. I helped you and returned back to my books. You may not know this, but I did notice you sit down near me as I flipped through Anne McCaffery’s Dragonflight. Then you asked another question and we started talking. We had just met and yet we talked as if we had known each other for years. That hasn’t changed even after almost 17 years. I love that we can talk to each other.

Though we stayed friends, we eventually parted ways. I remember you telling me that you were getting married. It was not my happiest day, still, I wished you well. Several more years passed before you contacted me again. It happened again. We talked for hours and continued. You ended up divorced and wanted to try again with me. This time you came with the cutest little girl. I may have said yes to you, but I also wanted to the little girl and I still love her even those she has entered teenage life. I will always smile at the thought of that random Facebook message I received one day. All it contained was a number and the words “call me”. My curiosity got the better of me and I called.

I was so happy the day we married. In the years of marriage we have added two more children to the one you brought along. We have moved five times and spent at least half of the marriage apart. Still I love you and love to see you smile.

Things have not been easy for us. I was diagnosed with depression and you have your struggles. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I will always be your friend. Four years ago you dropped a bomb and changed my life. I wasn’t sure we could survive it as a couple. But we persisted. We kept going. You showed me that you truly loved me and I truly loved you. Today we still have our struggles but we struggle together. I would not change you for the world. I love you.


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