The Titanic Meets The Iceberg


Late on April 14, 1912, The practically unsinkable Titanic scraped against an iceberg and sank, causing the death of thousands.

In 1912 newspapers heralded the Titanic as a practically unsinkable ship. The company designed it to be a luxury cruise liner to go between the United Kingdom and the United States. Grand rooms, delicious food, and entertainment awaited the first-class customers. Excited about its maiden voyage, the Titanic received a large send-off.

Sadly, it never completed the voyage. The captain pushed the ship to full speed. Then late at night, they saw an iceberg. Despite trying to reverse and turn, they hit the iceberg. Surprisingly the ship sank faster than expected. Many died in this maiden voyage. No one disputes how the Titanic sank, yet many still have questions. They wonder if this voyage was just marred with tragedy or was something else going on. What do you think?

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