5 Things to Teach Children Before Adulthood

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Watching my children grow up, I realize that much of what I teach goes in one ear and out the other. Still, I keep trying to teach them. I want them to survive when they move out on their own. I want them to know how to handle money, get a job, and be happy. Yet, I know I can’t stop them from making mistakes and learning for themselves. While I’ll keep trying to teach them, I have 5 things I want them to learn before they reach adulthood and move away. If they can learn these 5 things, they have a better chance of happiness.

Love Others

First, they need to learn to love others. This means making friends and helping out. Yes, they need to know to watch out for dangers. Still, by loving others they stop quick assumptions. It helps them to be willing to help out and make friends. Most often if we show love to others, they will show love to us by helping when we need it. Though that should not be the reason to show love. Instead, we learn to love others, just because. We help just because. Loving others helps us and our children to stay positive. For this reason, I want my children to love others.

Earn Trust

Next, they need to learn that trust is earned. Trust in someone means that they can count on you to do what you say. Naturally, people will not trust someone they just met. Instead through interactions, they learn to trust or distrust. If my children learn to earn trust, they will learn to become people of their word. People will trust them and more options will open for them.

Earn Respect

Like trust, respect is earned. Google says respect means “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”. People begin to respect people that accomplish goals and have the trust of others. They do not respect people who use force and threats to get their way. Their actions earn respect along with trust.

You Can Do Anything – Just try to keep it legal

I want my children to understand they have the ability to do anything. They have the ability to be president of the United States or a grocery worker. All they have to do is choose a goal and work towards it. All I ask of them is to try and keep their goals legal. Children can do anything.

No Matter What You Are Loved

Most importantly, I want my children to know that they are loved. I love them. My husband loves them. Their grandparents love them. No matter what they do they are loved. Even if I disagree with some of their actions, I will still love them unconditionally. All children, all people deserve to know that someone loves them unconditionally. I want my children to know they are loved, no matter what happens.

These 5 things encompass most of what I want my children to know. If they leave my house only understanding these things, they will be prepared for life. They will have honor, courage, and love to help them through life’s trials. To prepare my children for life, I will do my best to teach them these 5 things.

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