Witold Pilecki Escapes Auschwitz

witold pilecki

Early in the hours of April 27, 1943, Witold Pilecki and two other prisoners escaped Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

Unlike most of the other prisoners, Witold Pilecki volunteered to enter the concentration camp. He hoped to start an underground resistance, boost morale, and obtain information. After his capture in 1940, he succeeded. Through his efforts, he organized an underground resistance called KOW. KOW would help smuggle out prisoners and deliver information to the Allies. By 1943, The Nazis had discovered KOW and started eliminating main players. Feeling his information important, Pilecki escaped.

Sadly, the Polish commanders refused to act on the information. Pilecki went back to battle in Warsaw. He was again captured only this time as a POW. Even then he continued to boost morale and help the younger prisoners. Eventually, a communist party captured Pilecki, put him on a fake trial, and executed him in 1948.

Finally, people learned of his bravery after the fall of the Soviet Union. Now we can all learn about and admire a man dedicated to helping others. He endured horrors and struggles many never imagined. Witold Pilecki was a true hero.

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