Rebuttal to President’s Speech By Tim Scott

tim scott

The Daily Wire tells about how “Tim Scott Shreds Joe Biden In Rebuttal Speech: Biden Is Tearing Us Apart After Promising To Unite Nation“. Last night in a joint address, President Joe Biden addressed congress. Afterwards, Republican Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina spoke in rebuttal. According to him, President Biden delivered only platitudes. Scott feels that the president needs to take more action to unite the country.

Senator Scott spoke about the poverty he experienced growing up and the people that helped him. He remarked how many children have lost this help due to the lockdowns. He chastised the president for enlarging taxes and the government. Scott cautioned that Americans used to define their dream, but now the government tries to tell them their dream.

Who do you think made more sense? Did President Biden give good promises that he can deliver or is Senator Tim Scott right? Will the country become more divided?

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