Surprise Birth On The Flight To Honolulu

surprise birth

NBC News tells the touching story of “Woman gives birth mid-flight on Delta plane to Hawaii with help from nurses, doctor on board“. A woman, unaware of her pregnancy, went into labor on the long flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu, Hawaii, and gave a surprise birth. Her guardian angels were watching out for her. This particular flight contained three nurses from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and a family doctor.

As friends, the three nurses decided to go on a girl’s trip. While on the flight, they heard some cries for help from the airplane bathroom. When investigating, they found a woman, holding a baby. She had just given early birth at 29 weeks. Having lots of experience with premature babies, the nurses went into action to take care of the baby. A family doctor, hearing about a possible medical emergency, joined them to save the mother and baby.

When the flight landed the mother and baby were taken to a nearby hospital. A few days later the nurses, doctor, mother, and son reunited in a touching reunion. How wonderful that this woman was blessed to be on a flight with so much help in her time of need. I doubt the nurses, the doctor, or the mother will quickly forget this surprise birth.

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