Another Excuse For Abortion Disproved


The Daily Wire tells about a “Study: Medicaid Data Casts Significant Doubt On Abortion As ‘Essential’ For Birth Spacing“. Generally, health organizations have promoted using abortion to help space out children. For this reason and others, they want to make it more affordable and accessible. Instead, a recent study from Medicaid data disproves this reasoning.

In the study of about five million women that fit the criteria, only about fifty thousand used abortion to space children. That means that only about 1% of women used it after their first child but before their last. In actuality, some women may have had it for reasons other than family planning. Basically, the excuse that women should have easy access to abortion as a method of family planning or spacing out children is nonsense.

In my opinion, women should never use it as a method of family planning. For spacing out children, they have access to many different methods of contraception. Women should only use abortion rarely or not at all. Stop using family planning as an excuse for it. The study shows that women rarely use it for that anyway.

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