The Hidden Door – The Note


Caden owns the castle!” I said sitting straight up in bed, before giggling at waking up still thinking about what he said. Then I thought out loud, “Did I really hear that or did I dream it?”

All while I dressed, I kept going over the night before trying to separate reality from dreams. I knew I had almost walked in the disappearing door and Caden stopped me, but after that, I’m not sure. It is all mixed up in some dream where I keep seeing Caden telling me he owned the castle. The only way to clear this up would be to ask him.

Glancing at my desk I saw a pad of notepaper and smiled. Since he had kept this information secret then he probably would not appreciate me asking him in front of others. Instead, I took a piece of paper and wrote:


Last night, I could have sworn you told me you owned this castle, but then it also happened in my dreams. Help me separate reality and dream, please. Do you own this castle?

Please and Thank you

Sitting down next to Caden at breakfast, I looked around to find my girls to make sure they made it. Then looking towards Caden, I noticed him talking to Hunter about trails around the castle. He had his hands resting comfortably on his thighs as they talked. Carefully, keeping my hand under the table, I slipped my hand into Caden’s to pass him the note. Before I could pull my hand back without the note, Caden tightened his hand around mine, capturing it.

Gently, I tried to tug my hand away but Caden refused to release. I could tell my antics amused him as during a time while Hunter talked he slid his eyes my way and tossed me a grin before responding back to Hunter. Sighing, I gave up trying to get my hand back and waited for him to finish talking to Hunter.

It didn’t help that Caden started gently rubbing his thumb back and forth along my hand as he talked. I could feel my face flush and tried to distract myself by people watching. Finally, Caden turned towards me.

Smiling, he squeezed my hand and said, “Hello, Cassie, did you want something?”

Rolling my eyes, I muttered in a low voice, “Yeah, my hand back.”

“You put it there,” he said, not lowering his voice, but since the meal had yet to start most people probably didn’t hear.

“I was trying to pass you a note, without alerting everyone else,” I whispered.

“A note?” he asked, loosening his grip on my hand.

I nodded, pulling my hand away leaving the note in his hand.

He looked down at the note curiously as he had never seen one before. “A note, Cassie?” He asked again. At my nod, he grinned and asked, “What are we, in high school?”

Returning his grin, I motioned around the dining room at the students, replying, “Yep.”

He started to open the note, but Esther signaled the start of breakfast, so he put it in his pocket. Then after breakfast, a couple of the older students came up to ask me if I could help them check out a few books before their first class. I didn’t have a chance to talk to Caden.

A few minutes into the first period of classes, as I checked in books and started to reshelve them the door dinged indicating someone entered. Looking up I watched a young, dark-haired boy walk towards me. “Ms. Delfian?” he asked.

“Yes?” I smiled.

He opened his mouth, then shut it. Taking a deep breath he said, “Mr. Laroy told me to give this to you and to wait for a reply.” He held out a familiar paper.

Opening it I looked down to see under my note he wrote, “If I did, would it make me more attractive?

I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a laugh and rolling my eyes. Taking a pen, I replied below his, writing, “Stop playing, just tell me the truth, please.

Then folding the note, I handed it back to the student, saying, “Thank you for playing messenger. Will you please give this back to Mr. Laroy?” He nodded, taking the note and taking off. Shaking my head I returned to my work.

Just after the second period started a gorgeous, tall blond young woman walked into the library. Walking towards me, she pursed her lips then held out a paper, “Here.”

Taking the paper, I opened it to find Caden had started a new note writing, “Cassie, If I answer your question you have to answer mine. Agreed?

Taking a pen, I wrote “Agreed,” and handed the note back to the girl shifting impatiently on her feet.

I wasn’t very surprised when another student walked up to the desk and handed me a piece of paper. I hadn’t expected my note would expand into this small game. Smiling at the pretty redhead, I opened the note.

The note, started on clean paper, only said, “Yes, I do.” I smiled. Finally, I had my answer.

Putting the paper down, I wrote, “No it doesn’t.” I almost stopped there, then added, “Is there really a diary from the original owner?

Handing the note back to the student, I returned to my work.

While most of the school had lunch between the third and fourth periods, I stayed open for any students needing last-minute items or for those avid readers. I didn’t expect any more deliveries until after lunch. Except just before the end of lunch, Caden walked in.

Walking to my desk, he smiled, handing me a paper. I looked at the paper then him saying, “You know you could just tell me.”

He chuckled, “Where is the fun in that?”

Letting out my own laugh I opened the note. Just below our previous exchange, he replied, “Yes, there is. What would make me more attractive to you?

Glancing up, I opened my mouth to reply, but Caden quickly put a finger over it, then pointed at the note. Rolling my eyes, I picked up my pen and wrote, “Nothing could make you more attractive to me. Can I read the diary?

Folding the note, I handed it to him. Bowing to me, he turned and left the library.

Only a few minutes later a tall, black-haired young man came up to the desk handing me a note. Smiling at the student, I took it and opened it, unsurprised as the student waited. Caden had written, “Sure, you can read it. Will you ever give me that goodnight kiss?

My eyes opened wide at his question. Did he really actually like, like me, or was this him playing around still. Taking a chance I wrote, “When can I read it? Depends.

Handing the note back, I watched the student leave my mind racing between learning more about this mysterious castle and wondering if Caden was actually attracted to me.

The fifth period started, yet no student approached to give me a note. Maybe he had been playing with his questions and now he worried that I would act like some crazy lady. Towards the end of the period with still no note, I closed my eyes trying to calm down my racing worries. Caden was the only real friend I had on the island.

Suddenly the door opened and a young woman walked to the desk and handed me a note. Looking at it, he had written, “Sorry this reply took so long, I got caught talking to a student and didn’t get a chance to reply before now. You can start it tonight if you meet me. The kiss depends on what?

I wavered on what to reply. I could pass it all off as a joke or take a chance. Looking up at the girl smiling at me, I thought what would I tell a friend. Taking a pen, I wrote, “Where should I meet you? Well, the kiss depends on if you really want one and aren’t just teasing.

I gave the note back to the girl, who practically skipped out.

The last class of the day came and went with no note. I reassured myself that Caden would answer me at dinner time, but used my nervousness to put away books and straighten the shelves.

As per schedule, Caden walked in a few minutes before we had to be at dinner. I had already shut everything down, ready to go. He smiled at me, handing me a note. I opened it as Caden took my hand leading me to dinner, stopping only to lock the door.

I couldn’t stop staring at the words. He had written, “Meet me at 8 tonight at my room. I’m not joking or teasing. Will you kiss me goodnight?

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