Boyhood Home of Jesus?

boyhood home of Jesus

Whether or not you are Christian, history has established that an influential man named Jesus lived about 2,000 years ago. A CBS article claims an archeologist thinks they found the boyhood home of Jesus. The article “Is this house under a convent in Nazareth the boyhood home of Jesus?” says that while there is no definitive proof, plenty of circumstantial evidence exists.

The archeologist claims that the convent over the site was once the Church of Nutrition pilgrimage site written of in 380A.D. Nutrition meaning nurture, so the house where Jesus grew. The fine stonework of the house indicates a craftsman such as Joseph may have been. Also, the house indicates more of a middle lifestyle, not rich, but not poor either. The archeologist acknowledges that conclusive proof may never be found. Still, many small pieces of evidence lend credence that this place house Jesus as a child.

Opinion on Boyhood Home of Jesus

I think this is an interesting finding. It may or may not be the boyhood home of Jesus, but it can give insight into how he may have grown up. I agree that conclusive evidence would not likely be found. Even find the names Joseph, Mary, and Jesus etched in the walls, would not lend complete resolution to the debate. A debate for authenticity or even the right Jesus could be made.

What I found most interesting about this article was a small line about the Mother of the Convent. Since archeologists did not consider the site worthwhile, the nuns excavated it starting in the 1880s led by Mere Giraud, mother of the convent. This is an example of one of the first women to lead an archeological site years before women officially entered the field. Of all the interesting tidbits of the article about the boyhood home of Jesus, I find the bit about the convent nuns excavating the site most interesting.

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