Mini Chocolate Cherry Pie Review

Chocolate Cherry Pie

I love chocolate! When choosing pies for Thanksgiving I wanted to try something new with chocolate. When I saw Purple Chocolat Home‘s Chocolate Cherry Pie, I wanted to try it. I hoped it would be a perfect combination of chocolate and cherry.

I had to modify the recipe a little as unfortunately, I do not have a cherry tree. In my recipe, I substituted fresh cherries for canned and butter for margarine.

Review of Chocolate Cherry Pie

This recipe tasted okay. It felt a little off. It tasted good, but the texture was more of a brownie in a pie shell. I changed two major ingredients which could have affected the taste. I also cooked the filling out of a pie shell. I preferred it without the shell as it felt more like a delicious brownie than pie.

I asked my children of their thoughts. Unfortunately they have not developed good tasting technique. They loved it, but then they love anything considered a dessert. My husband agreed that the texture was a little off. Though he preferred it with the pie shell because it seemed to keep more of the cherry flavor.

If I made these again, I might make them as just brownies and use two cans of sweet cherries. I could also wait until cherries are in season and use fresh cherries. So while I might make this chocolate cherry pie recipe again, it won’t be right away.

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