Targeted Bias, Community Help

community help

NBC reports a touching story in “A bookshop owner was targeted in a bias incident. The community rallied behind her.” This story talks about how a small, independent bookstore owner received racial slurs against her for the last three years. Recently in November, the slurs increased, worrying her. She informed the police. While the police staked out the store a man approached them saying the same slurs. They arrested him.

The community heard of what happened to this store owner and responded. In a show of support, a crowd gathered to go buy books from her store. Others bought books online. The bookshop owner expressed gratitude for all the support and community help.

Opinion on Targeted Bias, Community Help

Well done, community. Nobody should receive slurs against them. I think this owner and community handled this situation wonderfully. The owner informed the police, who took the problem seriously. The police quickly caught the guy. The community responded with love and support. While it is sad that cruel people exist, it is wonderful to know that more good people exist. What a wonderful show of holiday spirit.

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