Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon River

Julius Caesar

In 49BC Julius Caesar defied the Roman Senate and crossed the Rubicon River.

Julius Caesar had risen in Rome. With his ambition, he obtained the rank of consul in 59BC. In this position, he acted as an enforcer for the senate and foreign ambassador. After this, he rose in popularity. His popularity threatened the Senate and at the end of his term, they demanded Caesar return home without his armed forces and retire.

Caesar knew that by bringing his forces he could start a civil war. After some thought, he decided to bring his forces across the Rubicon River and started the civil war. They say as Caesar led his forces across the river he said “alea iacta est” meaning the die is cast. This saying came to mean past the point of no return. Luckily for Caesar, this civil war resulted in him becoming emperor. Sadly, he died just five years later in 44BC by assassination.

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