President Biden – Good or Bad Catholic?

president biden

ABC tells about a religious divide in “As Biden prays for healing, Catholics clash over president’s faith“. As the second catholic President, President Biden stands in the center of controversy. While many of the people that identify as catholic support him, quite a few criticize him. They do not believe he is truly a good catholic despite his devotion.

Is President Biden a good catholic? According to some people they claim he is. They say he attends mass and can unite the controversy. They feel that he can help the religion. Pope Francis even sent him an open letter welcoming him to his position and encouraging him to remember the needy.

Is President Biden a bad catholic? Many other people believe that the President does not properly show his catholic beliefs. They cite his abortion policies as proof. He has signed an executive order allowing abortion as part of healthcare. Abortion is a touchy issue in the Catholic religion. The Catholic church does not generally allow abortions, some don’t even allow contraceptives.

Biden has stated that while he personally disagrees with abortion he does not believe in forcing others to abide by his beliefs. This controversy has many priests happy with him, while others warn against supporting him. The question stands, is President Biden a good or bad catholic? I guess that’s up to you.

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