Gorilla Glue As Hairspray – Potential Lawsuit

gorilla glue

Fox News reports “Woman who styled hair with Gorilla Glue reportedly considering lawsuit after hospital visit“. A while ago a woman ran out of her preferred brand of hairspray. Instead of going out and buying a new bottle, she decided to use Gorilla Glue Adhesive Spay.

Most people understand that this particular glue should never be used on something that you want to remove eventually. This company makes its name by saying they have gorilla strength glue to hold things together permanently.

Well, this young lady missed the memo. Somehow she missed that a warning against using it on skin, eyes, or clothes pertains to hair. Now she is considering filing a lawsuit against the company for the pain and distress she experienced.

Opinion on Gorilla Glue Issue

First, I want to know why that lady had this glue spray in her house. Did she plan to use it for crafts, or did she think this glue was hairspray? Next, I think her lawyer should recommend against filing the lawsuit. It seems clear to me that all the pain and distress this lady received came from her own stupidity. I cannot fathom how she thought spraying this powerful glue in her hair would be a good idea. Can you?

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