Krispy Kreme Honors Mars for One Day

Krispy Kreme

ABC News tells about “New Mars-inspired doughnut lands at Krispy Kreme for 1 day only“. On Thursday, February 18, NASA’s Perseverance Rover will land Mars. To honor this event, Krispy Kreme created a Mars doughnut. The doughnut will have a red swirled caramel topping on a chocolate-filled doughnut. They will then dip it into chocolate cookie crumbs. This almost sounds like a chocolate lovers’ dream doughnut.

Also, the company decided to continue to show support by offering free doughnuts to anyone that can present their NASA Perseverance boarding pass. All those people that sent their names to NASA to include on the flight to Mars received the pass. Now they can also receive a free Mars doughnut. Sadly, the doughnut will only be available Thursday, February 18, and only while supplies last.

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