Remembering Ahmaud Arbery A Year Later

ahmaud arbery

MSNBC tells about the remembrance of jogger’s death in “‘Everyone should be safe when they run’: The lasting trauma of Ahmaud Arbery’s shooting“. Tragically, one year ago, while out jogging Ahmaud Arbery lost his life. Last year, two men attempted to stop Arbery and hold him until police arrived. Robberies had plagued the neighborhood. Since they did not know Arbery they thought him the robber. Though the video recorded then does not show much, it looks like everything happened fast. From the reports, these two men approached Arbery something happened that resulted in a fight and then they shot him and he died.

This did not have to happen. The men could have used a more peaceful way to find out if Ahmaud Arbery posed a threat. Instead, it looks like they approached already assuming the threat. If two people approached me with the intent of holding me, I would fight back, too. Though I don’t know, I doubt Arbery knew why these men approached him so fast, wanting to hold him. He probably reacted like anyone would and fought. Unfortunately, more bad decisions were made and Arbery died.

Keep Watch, But Do It Safely

Just for fun, let’s detail the best way to have handled this situation. Imagine seeing a young man running through the neighborhood. With a string of robberies happening in the neighborhood, you watch for anyone you don’t know. When you see this young man you don’t know, you could call out to him. Ask him to stop for a second, with your hands to the side, clearly showcasing no intent to harm. If he doesn’t stop, take a picture, and give that to the police. I don’t think they needed to do what they did. Yes, we all need to watch out for each other, but let’s do it safely and prevent more deaths to the young men and women around us.

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