Clash of Fauci and Rand Paul – Take 4

MSNBC reports “‘Here we go again’: Rand Paul clashes with Fauci (for the 4th time)“. Yesterday, Dr. Anthony Fauci reported to the Senate in a hearing. As usual, the Senate, led by Rand Paul, questioned the doctor in regards to COVID and the vaccinations. At one point they debated the need for masks for the vaccinated. Paul called it theater to continue wearing the masks, while Fauci called it protection. This is the fourth clash of Fauci and Rand paul.


Let me start with, I dislike reading MSNBC. I find it biased and uninformative. Still, I read through it trying to find something that should be news. With that said, let me share my opinion of the clash of Fauci and Rand Paul. MSNBC called Fauci patient with the big, bad Rand Paul. I have a question though. It’s the same as Paul’s. Why do those vaccinated need to keep wearing masks? I thought Fauci told us that vaccinations would keep us safe from getting COVID. It does not make sense.

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