Shhh, Don’t Think, Let the Experts Decide For You

don't think

Before I begin my weekly rant, let me start by saying that Georgia suffered an incredible tragedy this week. One man went on a murder spree, killing eight people. My prayers and heart are with the families and friends of these victims. They did not deserve to die.

Sadly, the media and others have decided to use this tragedy to their own ends. The police caught the murderer. He confessed and even shared his reasons behind the killings. Yet, according to NBC “Experts say he doesn’t get to decide.” It looks like we are no longer allowed to think for ourselves. It no longer matters your motivation for doing something. Only the experts truly know. Don’t think.

The Story

On March 16, 2021, Robert Aaron Long went on a murder spree to three massage parlors. He killed eight people and injured one. Shortly after the start, the police tracked Long using his phone and arrested him. Long told the police that he had a sex addiction. He watched porn and would sometimes frequent massage parlors that would give him happy endings. That Tuesday something happened that triggered Long.

He obtained a gun and went to the first massage parlor. After sitting outside for about an hour, he went in a started shooting. Then moved on to the other massage parlors. He told the police that he hated his addiction and saw the massage parlors as detrimental to getting over the addiction. Instead of suicide, he decided to help others and takedown massage parlors. While twisted and wrong, those are the reasons Long gave the police for his actions.

Don’t Think

Despite what the media says, Long says nothing he did was racially motivated. It seems like the only hate in this crime was towards himself. Still, the media touts it as a hate crime against women or Asians. All the people that died were women, six of them of Asian descent.

Google defines a hate crime as “a crime, typically one involving violence, that is motivated by prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds.” According to Long, his motivation had nothing to with prejudices against race. In fact, his hate seemed to be more aimed at what he felt the massage parlors represented, not actually the people inside. This does not make it easier to handle, but it also doesn’t fan the flames of racism.


Remember we don’t get to think for ourselves. It no longer matters what the actual person who did something thinks. No, we have to wait for experts to decide on our reasons. Why? Apparently, they know our minds better than we do.

Yes, I am being sarcastic. The media and politicians keep touting this crime as a racially motivated hate crime. Yet, the suspect, the person who committed the crime disagrees. Instead of listening the media just says that he does not get to decide. He doesn’t get to think for himself. They’ve decided he does not really know his own mind.

They keep telling us the same thing. They keep saying to listen to the experts. Don’t think, they tell us, just do as they say. It does not matter what you truly think or behave. Only the experts can really tell us about ourselves. I find that just ridiculous. They can’t read my mind yet, so I am the only one that can tell them about myself. The same goes for you. Think and decide for yourselves. You have a brain, use it.


Another item they are trying to use this tragedy to do is push forward this concept of femicide. Basically, this is the killing of women for hating women. They want to make it illegal. Except, I thought it was already illegal. It’s called murder and if hate-motivated also a hate crime. We do not need more names and separation. Femicide is murder. Just call it like it is.


Listen, society will tell you, don’t think. Just listen to the experts and let them decide. I disagree. We are the only ones that truly know ourselves and our motivations for what we do. The media and politicians should stop using this tragedy in Georgia to push forth their narrative of racism and hate. The murderer told about his motivations, accept it, and move forward to help the victims and their families. Please don’t listen to the media and think for yourself.

What the Media Says About the Tragedy:

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