Photoshop – Making Pictures More Interesting


In this day and age, anyone can take a picture. Most people can even take good-looking photos. Still, photography is an art. Yet, with all the point and shoot, we don’t often have the technology to create the art while on the run. Well, now we have photoshop. If done right, photoshop will enhance the artistry of the photo. Here are three ways I used photoshop to help enhance my photos.

With this photo, I merely cropped the picture to get closer to my subjects. This allows people to focus more and enjoy the photo.

In this photo, I cropped it closer and lightened it. This allowed the natural colors to come forward and create a nice photo.

In this photo, besides cropping to focus on my subject, I did something on GIMP called posturize. This limits the colors and really shows the unique colors of the tree.

These are three ways that I used photoshop to enhance the artistry of my photography. Generally, I try to do as much artistry while taking the photo. Then I use photoshop to truly bring my art to life. My goal is to show others my vision and view of objects. I want to let them see what I see if just for a moment.

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