How I Make Eating as a Family Daily Work

eating as a family

Often experts recommend sitting down together as a family and eating at least one meal together daily. Generally, they suggest dinner. If you are anything like me dinner as a family is almost impossible. By that time of day, I am tired and out of patience. For family peace, I can not do eating as a family at dinner time.

Reasons for Eating as a Family

Still, we need to try eating as a family because of the benefits it offers. According to some studies, children that eat with the family, eat more sensibly. Since parents know the importance of a well-balanced meal, they will prepare one. This lends to the children eating sensibly. Plus the variety of meals helps children to taste different foods and avoid picky eating.

Most importantly, according to studies, family meals help children developmentally. Children tend to avoid problematic behavior and feel more connected. Children eating as a family tend to avoid risky behavior and do well in school. The benefits to family dinner outweigh any negatives and we should strive for eating as a family.

How I Do It

As I mentioned earlier, by dinner time I have no patience to deal with anything. Yet, I understand the necessity of family dinner, especially for my younger children. I knew I needed to find a way to eat together. My solution may not be perfect but it works for now.

I chose to change the family meal. Instead of dinner, we eat breakfast together. At that time I have just woken up and have the patience I need. Together with my children, we set the table, make breakfast, and sit down to eat together. Sometimes my oldest comes down half-dressed, but I insist we all sit down and eat together. During this time we share our goals and plans for the day. I’m not sure it will help but it is a start.

Eating as a family is essential for everyone. Still, I understand that family dinner may not work for everyone like it does not work for me. Instead, I decided to try breakfast as a family. It gives us a few moments together and will hopefully help my children grow. Maybe, eventually, we may make it to family dinners. Until then, we will continue eating breakfast together as a family.

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