Streaming or Theater – What Would You Choose?

streaming or theater

CNN tells about “‘Black Widow’ joins the streaming battle, but nobody’s sure what winning looks like“. During the time of COVID, many movie theaters closed their doors. Originally, people expected to return to going to the movies after the pandemic. Then the main companies started offering big movies over streaming with an extra cost. Now people wonder the best way to continue watching new movies. Should companies focus on using the streaming platforms or will people return to the theater?

CNN speculates that Black Widow will show which way people will lean. People have anticipated the Black Widow movies for years. Disney plans to release Black Widow over the summer when people predict we will return to some sense of normalcy and theaters may open. Black Widow will probably show in theaters, but with an extra fee of about 30 dollars, people can watch the show over their streaming service, Disney+. The data from the release of Black Widow should show what people prefer, going to the movies or staying home. Which would you choose, streaming or theater?

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