Easter Week – Forgive Seven Times Seventy


As we continue learning about the last weeks of Christ’s life, we see that he continued teaching. Imagine knowing you have one week to live. What would you share with others? Christ started by cleaning the temple, then teaching about loving God and loving one another. Next, Christ taught his apostles to forgive one another.

During this week, Peter questioned Jesus Christ how many times he should forgive his brother. Peter even offered the number of forgiving each other seven times. Christ responded that we should forgive each other seven times seventy. Probably long before we reach that high number, we have shown them enough love to just forgive without counting.

After this response, Christ offers a parable or story illustrating his point. In the story, a lord calls a servant to him. This servant owes the lord ten thousand talents, think ten thousand dollars. The lord demands payment, which the servant cannot do. When the servant pleads for mercy the lord has compassion and forgives him. Then this servant goes and finds a fellow servant. This servant owes the first servant a hundred pence, think one dollar. Sadly the second servant cannot pay him and pleads for mercy. The first servant shows no compassion throwing his fellow servant in jail. When the lord found out, he condemned the first servant to the tormentors.

This story illustrates our need to forgive others. The lord of the story is Christ, who paid for and forgives us our many sins or debts. Since he has compassion for us we should forgive one another. Though this topic was brought up by Peter, forgiveness is important to remember in each of our lives.

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