Easter Week – The Last Supper

last supper

What would you do with your last day of life? During this final week of Christ’s life, we have come down to his final day. Knowing he had reached his final day of mortal life, Christ carries out his final teachings for his followers at the last supper.

On this day, many in Jerusalem celebrated the Passover, a feast day that remembered the time the angel of death passed over the Jews in Egypt. As a Jew, Christ gathered with a few of his followers for the feast, called the last supper. During this time Christ took the time to give a few more teachings. He taught them to pray and that God would answer. He also started the sacrament or the taking of bread and wine in remembrance of his sacrifice.

Later that night, he and a few followers went to a favorite spot, the Garden of Gethsemane, an olive tree garden. There among the trees, Christ pleaded not to have to make the sacrifice of himself. Ultimately, he agreed to follow His Father and offered himself as a sacrifice. Afterward, a close friend betrayed him.

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