Religion Is An Important Part of Our Lives

religion is important

Recently I read an article from MSNBC that talked about how people associating with religion has fallen, especially among the younger generations. I find this news concerning. Religion is important. It helps people trust others, gives a moral compass, and gives a sense of community.

Religion Helps With Trust

Religion requires belief, faith, and trust. Often in religion children and families work with many different people. It does not matter what religion, you will end up seeing many different people. Sometimes you may have to let your children go off with people in separate rooms. This requires trust. You trust what your leaders tell you. You trust the people teaching your children. More often this trust is returned. With this learning of trust with others in a good setting, religion helps teach people that it is alright to show trust in others.

For example, I grew up religious. At church, I would listen to teachers and spend time away from my parents. I learned to trust others in a good way. I knew that not everyone could be trusted. Still, with my childhood religious experience, I am more willing to trust others. I think that faulting in trusting others is better than the unhappy skepticism that everyone lies. I like the advice, trust but verify.

Religion Gives a Moral Compass

Religion teaches ethics and morals. It teaches proper behavior regarding other people and work. Generally, religion does not rely on societal norms for its morals. This allows people to have a steady moral compass and behavior rather than changing in society’s wind. Instead of relying on schools, friends, or the government to teach children correct behavior, religion helps to instill this correct behavior throughout their lives.

Think about it. In society, correct behavior changes almost daily. With religion, there is steady, guiding advice that does not change so much. I grew up learning to love and serve others as part of my moral compass. I was also taught to respect all people. With religion, I did not have to rely on society to teach me correct behavior. I had already learned it.

Religion Gives a Sense of Community

How many people have moved far away? How hard was it to make friends and trust others? For some of us that can be extremely difficult. With school, children, and jobs, finding time to make friends and get to know others takes a long time. It can become discouraging. Yet, with religion, you can find a ready-made community willing to accept you. Plus this community shares your moral compass. By joining a church in your town you have access to community and friends.

In my married life, I have moved five times. Only one of those moves put us near family. I have been extremely grateful for my religion. In each area we moved to, I knew we already had ready-made friends. People in our religion would welcome us with welcome arms and willingly help out. They gave me and my family a sense of community immediately.

Religion is an important part of life. Through religion, we can learn to trust others by not always relying on our parents as children. Religion gives a steady moral compass that helps avoid a fickle society. Finally, religion gives an immediate sense of community. Now, I would bet that the numbers of religious alliances went down in 2020 because of all the lockdowns. I would not be surprised if the numbers go back up when we can finally return to normal church life. Religion has helped my life and many others. It is an important part of everyone’s life.

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