Masks Litter Beaches and Hurt Wildlife

masks litter beaches

ABC News tells how “Discarded masks litter beaches worldwide, threaten sea life“. For over a year, leaders across the globe have encouraged people to wear masks. They say that masks help to protect us and others from COVID. Many places have implemented lockdowns, encouraging people to stay home or away from people. For some, the solution consisted of going to beaches. Then some littered the beach with their masks.

Masks, especially single-use masks consist of plastic fibers that break down to smaller fibers polluting the oceans and sands. Also, animals tangle up in the strings restricting their movement. Finally, some animals may try to eat these masks like food. That would choke them or kill them. Thousands of masks have been found on the beaches. This summer when headed to the beach, if you wear a mask try not to leave it behind. Don’t let your masks litter beaches. Let’s keep our beaches clean.

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