StoryTime for Couples For Quality Time

story time

Remember when you were a child and someone would read you a story. It was fun. I do not think that being read to should stop just because you get older. One of my favorite things I enjoy doing with my husband is storytime.

Sometimes conversation dies during long road trips. As easy as Cree and I can talk to each other, there is a finite number of conversations we can have while in a car with three kids. I also wanted to share with him some of the books I enjoyed reading. I decided with his permission to start reading to him books, while we drove. We both really enjoyed this. It was fun to share our favorite or new books this way.

As enjoyable as this was we only did it on long trips, which limited when we did storytime together. This change when we stayed at a friend’s home. I noticed a book I wanted to read and since the book interested Cree, I began to read it to him as we drove around. Then in an attempt to finish before the end of our visit, I started reading a little before we went to bed at night.

The book was only the first in a trilogy, so after buying the trilogy we decided to continue reading as we have been doing. We established storytime. We read just a little of the story each night before bed, just the two of us. I feel like this allows us to have a little more quality time and grow closer together.

Create StoryTime

Creating storytime for you and your partner is simple. First, pick a book. The process of picking the book can feel overwhelming. You want to choose an interesting story that might appeal to both of you. Sometimes, it may be a story you want to share or maybe you want to relive childhood favorites. Whatever you choose, remember the point is to be enjoying quality time for both of you.

Next, pick a time. Maybe you want to do storytime right before bed. You may decide to read at lunch, or in the morning. Whichever time works best for you both. Finally, choose who will read. You could decide to alternate readers, or one person can read all the time. Once you have made these decisions, you can begin your own personal storytime.

Through this storytime, you will enjoy time together and get to know each other. Together you will explore new worlds and find mutual books you both enjoy. Take time to do storytime as a couple. You will not regret it.

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