Berengaria – Queen From A Distance


When someone mentions Richard the Lionheart, most people think of Robin Hood and Prince John. Rarely do we consider the wife of King Richard. Still, on May 12, 1191, King Richard married Princess Berengaria of Navarre.

Originally, King Richard was to marry someone else, but his betrothed possibly bore his father’s child. After that, he did not want to marry her. Instead, he had his mother contract a marriage between him and Princess Berengaria. Then on his way to the third crusade, he married her and took her with him.

After a period of time with him, Berengaria chose to return to France. For many years, she and Richard stayed apart as he fought the crusades or captured. Finally, after falling ill, Richard returned to her for a short while. Yet, they had no children, and Richard named his brother John as successor.

Not long after their reconciliation, Richard died, and his wife retired into a more secluded life. Though she stayed busy setting up an abbey and convent. When she died, they buried her at the abbey. Though Queen of England, she never visited there. She stayed a queen from a distance.

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