White House Threatens More Lockdowns


The Daily Wire reports that the “Biden Administration Signals It Is Willing To Return To Lockdowns, School Closures If Recommended By CDC“. In a White House Press Briefing on Thursday, July 29, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre indicated the willingness of the President to mandate more lockdowns, including in schools.

In the year 2020 in an attempt to control the spread of Covid, almost the whole world went into lockdown. Businesses and schools closed for almost the full year. Now with the vaccine people have started returning to normal life, without masks. Yet with the new Delta variant, the CDC has recommended masking again for all. Now it looks like the Presidential office may also want to try lockdowns again if recommended.

When questioned Jean-Pierre answered that this move would not be political, but try to save lives. Yet, that did not answer the question the reporter asked. The reporter mentioned that President Biden said he would not impose lockdowns or close schools. Yet now, they indicate their willingness to do all that.

Predictably, some of Congress disagrees. The Daily Wire also reported some of the backlashes. These statements indicate that the closures did not work last time. Therefore, forcing it again would just hurt the people.

Opinion on Lockdowns

I first heard about the possibility of more lockdowns and school closures while at a kindergarten orientation meeting for my youngest. My reaction and thoughts stayed the same. More lockdowns and school closures are stupid. Yes, this new variant is more contagious than the original. Still, history shows us that the lockdowns did nothing more than hurt the economy. The school closures hurt the children and parents. Children didn’t learn well. Some children committed suicide due to isolation. Please, President Biden, stick to your statement and refuse to close down everything. We can get through this without lockdowns and closures.

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