9/11 Families Tell Biden To Stay Away

9/11 families

NBC News tells us that “After 9/11 families told Biden not to attend memorials, FBI could release some secret files“. Frustrated those affected most by 9/11 told Biden to stay away. These families do not want him to attend the memorial events.

Despite his campaign promises, Biden has not released the classified information regarding those behind the tragedy. Also, he has not responded to their letters and requests that he release the information. After 20 years of waiting, the 9/11 families have told Biden to stay away from the memorials unless he releases the classified information.

This request seems to have worked. The Justice Department recently indicated they will soon release some of the documents to the public. The Biden Administration announced that the FBI has closed part of the investigation and will now review the documents. From this, it looks like the request for Biden to stay away worked. These families may soon receive the ability to review the documents.

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