Is The Pope Wrong On Having Children?


On January 5, 2022, CNN reported “Opting for pets over children is selfish and ‘takes away our humanity,’ says Pope Francis”. In this article, Pope Francis talks about how people have fewer children. Instead, they opt to have pets and treat them like children. He warns that taking away fatherhood and motherhood “takes away our humanity”. The pope urged people to have children even if that meant through adoption.

A few days later, CNN posted the opinion article “The Pope is wrong. Choosing to have few or no children is the opposite of selfish”. Alistair Currie says that the pope’s words are “wholly wrong”. Currie says that people in countries with a large environmental footprint should not have more children. By this, we actually help the sustainability of the planet. Currie says that taking care of pets instead of animals does show and help our humanity.

Opinion on Having Children

As a mother of three children, a cat, and a dog, I wanted to offer my opinion. I agree with the Pope even though I am not Catholic. Pets are enjoyable to have and offer comfort, but it is not the same as children. Children show us our faults and help us improve our love and sympathy toward others. Through my own, I have learned to have more compassion for others. While I love and take care of my pets, they do not replace children.

Also, I do not think children endanger the environment. When taught well children can grow and take care of the planet. Do not blame the environment for your desire to not have children.

Children help our humanity as a whole. Men and women who desire to have children and take care of them should have them. It will not hurt our planet nor will a pet replace them. Still, I firmly believe having children should be a choice between the mother, father, and God. We should stop enforcing our beliefs on others.

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