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  • Abnormal in Normality

    Abnormal in Normality

    In a world of abnormal, normal becomes bizarre. In my case, people feared my normalness. I have become a sideshow freak, feared, and fascinating. What did I do? I was born. If you enter a museum, you’ll see pictures of ancient people. They look weird, yet we were told as children that they were considered […]

  • Fly or Die – Would You Jump?

    Fly or Die – Would You Jump?

    The scientists say 50% of the population has the ability to fly, but I’ve never met anyone that could fly. Have you? In school, we learned all about the science of flight and the first man recorded as flying. After he appeared a few more people started to fly. Curious scientists started to study the […]

  • The Job Offer

    The Job Offer

    How did I get this job? Well, it started eleven almost twelve years ago. A man approached me while I stood in a field watching the sunset. “Parker?” he asked me. I nodded indicating I’d heard him. “I have a proposition for you.” Well, naturally curious, I asked him what. He told me that he […]

  • The Foretelling Gift

    The Foretelling Gift

    Every year, I receive a weird gift. Somehow, this weird gift always predicts the next year in some way. A few years ago I unwrapped a cookbook. I lived at home and my mom always cooked. Except for that year, mom got a job and I had to cook more. No one knew this would […]

  • God Slayer – Part 2

    God Slayer – Part 2

    Saturday morning arrived. Rose approached the book store, wondering if God Slayer remembered he promised to tell his story. She noticed a small group of people around the store, including her father. Quietly, she moved through the crowd to the door. Seeing the open sign, she pushed open the door. The beep alerted the people […]

  • Finding Joy in Christmas Through Christ

    Finding Joy in Christmas Through Christ

    The song “It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas” line “Toys in every store” sums up Christmas. Stores begin to promote toys, packages, and anything else as necessary for a happy Christmas. The commercials ignore that most toys and gifts bring only temporary happiness. Try finding joy in Christmas through Christ. Chasing the perfect […]

  • God Slayer

    God Slayer

    Children are taught from the moment they are born to be careful of the crime they commit. For their first crime will brand your cheek. Everyone will know and you spend the rest of your life living that one act down. Despite the warning, many people still become branded. Common brands include Thief, Adulterer, even […]

  • The Contract Killer

    The Contract Killer

    The contract killer checked the mailbox. This was his final dead drop. He didn’t take jobs unless he felt like it. Only the most trusted knew of this box. One plain white envelope lay inside. Picking up he heard some clinking. Curious, but cautious he waited until he was secluded in his car. Opening the […]

  • Behind Freedom Door

    Behind Freedom Door

    I had done it and chosen the final door. I had chosen freedom. The room felt anticlimactic. One light buzzed in the center of the room illuminating a small table and chair. A white rectangle on the table. Not seeing anything else I approached the table metal folding table. The white rectangle cleared into an […]

  • The Final Door

    The Final Door

    The trial quickly approached. The posters announcing the date were posted everywhere. I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing it. “The TRIAL of Doors” it read. Not a catchy title, but certainly accurate. “Time to choose your FUTURE!” That is what worried me. I had barely turned 18. How did I know what future I wanted? […]