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  • Surrounded


    Once upon a time, four adventurers and a bard entered the shadowed woods. They had consulted a map and prepared rations. They felt ready to go. Little did they know what awaited them on this journey surrounded by woods. Barely among the trees, a large treant stretched its clawed finger across their path. The young […]

  • Anywhere But Here

    Anywhere But Here

    Tired, she dragged herself through the red front door. Dropping her purse on the table by the door, she flipped on the lights. It had been another grueling, tiresome day, but then she expected that of today. As she walked to the kitchen to look in the fridge for something to eat, she remembered. The […]

  • Who am I? Character Prompt

    Who am I? Character Prompt

    This week instead of doing a story prompt, I decided to do a character prompt. The characters and relationships were created from randomly selected music. Enjoy this character prompt. Character 1: (Song: This is Me from The Greatest Showman) Mid 30’s, divorced, single mom. She has a young daughter and despite struggles, she tries to […]

  • The Elevator

    The Elevator

    The silver-haired, handsome man woke to the sound of ringing. Reaching over he picked up the phone. “Hello,” he answered groggily. “Mr. President, sir, we have a situation,” the firm voice on the other end of the line announced. “A situation? What situation?” the President of the World Confederation asked. “Someone is coming up the […]

  • Countdown


    10:00 Michael paced around the circular room, his shoes thudding on the cement floor. His thoughts whirled as he waited. It was almost time. The countdown had begun. 9:00 Michael paused glancing up. The monitor caught his attention. A distinguished woman, dressed in a dark blue pantsuit, stood speaking behind a podium. Michael could not […]

  • The Familiar

    The Familiar

    The murmur of voices followed me through the school halls as I hurried to my next class. Keeping my head down, I ignored them. Glancing at the clock, I had three more hours to go. At exactly 3:12 pm, twelve minutes after school ended, I would turn 13 years old. I would receive my familiar. […]

  • The Last Thing

    The Last Thing

    Kate sighed, looking at herself in the mirror. Her white gown with its sweetheart neckline and long flowing sleeves gently curved out in an a-line shape. The only decoration on the dress was a sparkling belt around her waist. Her hair pulled back into an elegant half-up, half-down style topped by a simple sparkling tiara. […]

  • The Box

    The Box

    It had sat here for a century. This rusted, metal box locked by three locks. Every day I would stare at it in the corner of my office and wonder what could be inside. Now the day had come and I was prepared. Now I would see what had been left in this box, left […]