Cancel Culture Strikes Again

cancel culture

USA Today informs about another star affected by cancel culture in “‘Black Panther’ star Letitia Wright tweets controversial vaccine video, says she’s being canceled“. After posting a video discussing concerns about the new Covid-19 vaccine, the star says people canceled her. Some even suggested boycotting the new Black Panther movie in protest.

Wright protested her cancellation. She said that anyone who questions the popular opinion or uses a brain gets canceled. She also said that her intent was not to hurt but to question what we are willing to put in our body.

Opinion on Cancel Culture

Did Letitia Wright do anything worthy of cancellation? I don’t think so. I have to agree that the “canceled” people tend to have expressed some view or question against the popular vote. In my opinion, that creates discussion. It allows information to be shared. Just because someone says something you disagree with does not mean cancellation. It means you should have a discussion. Figure out why they think that way.

In anecdotal evidence, I have a wonderful, amazing friend. We do not always agree, but we stay friends. She shares her opinions and facts with me and I share mine with her. Sometimes we realize that these won’t mesh so we agree to disagree. More people need to realize that differing opinions should lead to discussions, not cancellations. In my humble opinion, stop cancel culture.

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