Why I Received the Covid Vaccine

covid vaccine

Today, I received the Covid vaccine. Specifically, I received the vaccine from Pfizer for Covid. According to the facts they posted, it has a 95% effective rate. While I could have gone earlier to get it, I waited until now. Do I think it will work? Sure, but I don’t think it really is as necessary as the government wants us to think. Why did I get it if I don’t think it necessary? I can tell you in one word: Family.


According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by coronavirus. One of the reasons the government pushes vaccinations is to prevent deaths. Yet, the death rate from Covid sits at about 0.28%. That is not very high. In fact, the flu and covid have similar rates of death. Still, most people receive a yearly flu vaccination shot.

Originally, I was reluctant to receive the vaccine. It had not been tested as much as other vaccines, so had limited data on how it would affect people in the long run. Plus, it has a low mortality rate. I did not feel like I needed the vaccine as I did not fit the main group that needed it. I decided to wait, until now.


Eventually, I received the vaccine for Covid and I did it for my family. While I and my children have a low probability of death, my parents don’t, especially my father. Last year, doctors diagnosed my father with cancer. We do not know how long he will live. My siblings and I decided we needed to do a reunion to spend time with our father and our children with their grandfather. Since my father has a high risk of death I chose to receive the vaccine.

Honestly, I do not think receiving the vaccine will really do much to help, but safe over sorry. I do not think it will help much because all of my children are too young to receive the vaccine, as is most of my nephews and niece. They could pass on Covid just as much as I could. Some might say, well then shouldn’t you just stay away from your father. No. My father will die eventually. We do not know when. I would rather spend some time with him.

I am not worried about Covid. We have learned enough about it. It has a low death rate. I love my family and want to spend more time with them. Basically, I received the covid vaccination to help my family.

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