Knitting: Things To Do at the Olympics


Fox News tells about “Great Britain’s Tom Daley knits on the sidelines of the Tokyo Olympics“. While in the stands cheering on teammates Tom Daley enjoyed knitting. A diver for the Great Britain team, Tom Daley won gold this year for synchronized diving with partner Matty Lee.

Tom Daley used his downtime wisely and creatively. He did knitting, which people noticed and captured on Twitter. Daley admitted it, saying it helps him to relax and deal better with stressors. Also, Daley even showed off a pouch he knitted to hold his gold medal and keep it from scratches. In the pictures, he says one time they caught him he knitted a dog sweater. Still, another picture showed him with a possible sweater.

The Olympics has many stressors. Tom Daley has found a way to help him get through it well. Other athletes have other ways of handling stress. This way is creative. Has anyone suggested knitting to Simone Biles? Maybe that will help her mental health and work on stress.

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