Beware of the Sumo Wrestler At The Olympics

sumo wrestler

Humans are not the only mammal to run from a sumo wrestler. Horses seem to not like them either. MSNBC tells about “Sumo scare? Olympic riders say horses might be spooked by statue“.

As per tradition, the designers decorated the Olympic horse jumping course. Next to each jump, they put some representation of Japan. They included a miniature palace, kimonos, and taiko drums. Still, the most surprising was the realistic statue of a sumo wrestler.

Some of the riders commented that turning the corner and seeing the big butt of the statue surprised them and possibly the horses. Other riders felt that the horses spooked from the sharp turn or even the cherry blossoms. Whatever caused the issues, one rider liked it. According to Scott Brash, the interesting surprises on the Olympic course made it a championship. It made the course different and not like every other day. Will the sumo wrestler decide the fate of the medals?

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