Author: Crystal Dalene

  • DIY Ghost Costume with Hood

    DIY Ghost Costume with Hood

    This year my family decided to wear classic Halloween costumes. After writing out a list, we each chose one. Since my youngest is too young to choose for herself, my husband and I decided she would go as a witch. My oldest chose vampire. My husband chose to be a cat. I chose the Grim […]

  • Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week Two

    Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week Two

    Following “The Obesity Code” requires a lot of patience and stubbornness. Not any easier than week one I find week two to be slightly harder. The first week has the motivation and excitement to see what happens fueling your diet. On week two the diet starts becoming more mundane. Week Two My hunger has grown […]

  • Social Media Fast

    Social Media Fast

    On October 6, 2018, the prophet, Russell M. Nelson, asked the women of the church to do a ten day fast from social media. This means that we were to abstain from all sites considered social media. My husband and I decided to extend this social media fast to a full two weeks. Personally, I […]

  • Following The Prophet

    Following The Prophet

    At the end of the women’s session of General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson spoke. President Nelson is the current prophet for the world, as such, I listen and follow his words. He invited the women of the Church to do four things. Invitation from the […]

  • Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week One

    Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week One

    In his book “The Obesity Code” Dr. Jason Fung Contends that insulin resistance makes people fat. His advice to lose weight consists of reducing insulin resistance. To lose the weight and keep it off he recommends a combination of eating right and intermittent fasting. Reasons for Dieting After two pregnancies, my weight has increased greatly. […]

  • Mormon Church?

    Mormon Church?

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been called by many names, most notably they have been called Mormon. This nickname comes from The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Many around the world recognize the name Mormon, without realizing that this is not the name of the church. This church […]

  • My Favorite Patricia Briggs

    My Favorite Patricia Briggs

    Sometimes the lesser known novels of well-known authors turn out to be the most interesting. Patricia Briggs is a well known urban fantasy author. Most people recognize her for her Mercy Thompson series, but this series does not include my favorite book by her. In fact I enjoy reading her lesser known books more. Mercy […]

  • The Obesity Code Review

    Obesity Culprit Are we genetically inclined for obesity? According to Dr. Jason Fung we are at least 70% genetically inclined. That does not mean we can’t fight the obesity. Dr. Fung explains that this recent inclination towards genetic obesity can be controlled if we go back to previous thoughts of eating. In his book “The […]