Author: Crystal Dalene

  • Getting Started with a DSLR Camera

    Getting Started with a DSLR Camera

    After buying a new fancy DSLR camera, you probably wonder what to do with it. It has a lot of fancy buttons with so many possibilities, but who wants to take the time to read those large manuals. It is so much more fun to just start taking pictures. Getting Started with Auto Being smart, […]

  • Soulless


    Soulless by Gail Carriger started with an interesting premise. In an alternative Victorian society, supernatural beings are generally accepted as long as they behave. The supernatural beings must register with a special group created to police them. This groups keeps track of any changes that could be problematic, as well as employs supernaturals to help […]

  • Cold Magic Review

    Cold Magic Review

    Kate Elliott created a whole new world in her novel Cold Magic. The familiar names of the countries give a false sense of familiarity. Truly though the world is unique. Through this unique world, Kate Elliott created a fascinating story that includes action, adventure, mystery, fantasy, politics, and even romance. There is a little bit […]

  • Ella Enchanted Review

    Ella Enchanted Review

    Ella Enchanted, written by Gail Carson Levine, is an enjoyable novel for all ages. For this reason I include it as one of my favorite novels. Whenever I need a light, quick, amusing read, I turn to Ella Enchanted. Review Levine based this novel on the Cinderella story. The main character, Ella, was cursed with […]

  • Inspiration To Exercise

    Inspiration To Exercise

    Exercise requires work. Work requires desire. For this reason many people look for something to inspire them. In a perfect world, we would exercise to stay healthy and feel our best. While some people do this, most of us need a little more inspiration. I’ve listed a few reasons for to inspire more exercise. Inspiration […]

  • Christmas Traditions

    Christmas Traditions

    Traditions are fun and have continuity, usually something you enjoy doing. Christmas traditions can start years ago or today. A tradition just has to be something you want to do each year. For example, when I was a child, my family would go to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. We would watch or perform […]

  • Finding Something New

    Finding Something New

    Let’s face it, we have all been there. At some point we finish reading all the books our current favorite author wrote and think, “Now what?” The seemingly endless supply of wonderful, new to us books ended. We realize that now we have to either start over, reread other authors, or find something new. We […]

  • Fad Diet vs Lifestyle Change

    Fad Diet vs Lifestyle Change

    Lose 20 pounds in two weeks sounds like a dream come true. While probably possible, it is most likely unhealthy and not sustainable. The diet promising such extreme weight loss is called a fad diet. They usually involve extremely restrictive diets of only a certain type and amount of food. I have started many of […]

  • Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week Three

    Trying Out The Obesity Code – Week Three

    Week three was a failure. Yet, to be more positive, it was an experiment. On week three I tried fasting the three days a week as normal, yet failed. On Wednesday, I did not fast. I felt so hungry I chose to eat a salad rather than fast. Eventually I found myself snacking. With in […]

  • Trick or Treat Safety

    Trick or Treat Safety

    Halloween is fun. One day a year you and your children can dress up, leave the house, and get candy. Traditionally, children go door to door, knocking, saying “trick or treat” and receiving lots of candy. More recently families attend trunk or treats, a party that the children then go around to cars to receive […]