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  • This Week in Pictures

    This Week in Pictures

    CNN brings us “The week in 37 photos“. The pictures span the gamut from COVID to royalty. They show many things that have happened this week. My favorite pictures include the kids running through a light tunnel, a girl underwater, and a squirrel with a red stocking. Enjoy!

  • Strip Clubs Stay Open

    Strip Clubs Stay Open

    Los Angeles reports that a “San Diego judge allows strip clubs to stay open, indicates restaurants could also reopen“. A San Diego County Superior Court Judge allowed two strip clubs to stay open and offer live dancing despite recent shutdowns. The judge indicated that this injunction extends to restaurants. According to the judge, restaurants helped […]

  • Possible New Whale Species

    Possible New Whale Species

    NBC News informs us that “Researchers think they spotted new whale species off Mexico“. A group of researchers tracking a group of rare and shy beaked whales think they discovered a new whale species. When a group of whales surfaced near their boat, they excitedly took photos and recordings. At first, they thought the whales […]

  • Pizza Delivery by Police

    Pizza Delivery by Police

    Fox News tells a fun story titled “California police officer delivers pizza after arresting delivery driver“. How would you react to a police officer delivering your pizza? I doubt the police officer woke up thinking he would deliver pizza that day. The police pulled over the pizza delivery driver for a traffic violation. They discovered […]

  • Nancy Drew Birthday

    Nancy Drew Birthday

    Happy 90th Birthday, Nancy Drew! CBS informs us of this wonderful event in “Nancy Drew turns 90“. Thousands have read and loved the series. Carolyn Keene has written over 600 books, with movies, video games, and tv shows. Millions of girls and boys have loved following the adventures of this intrepid detective. If you didn’t […]

  • Santa and His Elf Nab Car Thieves

    Santa and His Elf Nab Car Thieves

    ABC News gives an interesting story about Santa and his Elf in “Undercover police officers dressed as Santa Claus and his elf stop suspected car thieves in California“. Calling the case “Santa’s Intervention” undercover police officers dressed up and went to a shopping center. Soon the police discovered three men attempting to steal a car. […]

  • Nordic Heritage Church Allowed to Meet

    Nordic Heritage Church Allowed to Meet

    ABC informs us about a religious hate group allowed to meet in “Church identified as hate group gets permit in Minnesota“. The Nordic Heritage Church, called Asatru Folk Assembly, received permission to meet in an abandoned church from their local city council. The city attorney advised the council that refusing to allow them to meet […]

  • Cancel Culture Strikes Again

    Cancel Culture Strikes Again

    USA Today informs about another star affected by cancel culture in “‘Black Panther’ star Letitia Wright tweets controversial vaccine video, says she’s being canceled“. After posting a video discussing concerns about the new Covid-19 vaccine, the star says people canceled her. Some even suggested boycotting the new Black Panther movie in protest. Wright protested her […]

  • Breaking, The Olympic Sport

    Breaking, The Olympic Sport

    Paris 2024 brings in a whole new sport, breaking. The Daily Wire informs us of this development in “Breakdancing Becomes An Olympic Sport… Seriously“. Most people will recognize this sport as breakdancing. The International Olympic Committee decided to include breakdancing in the Paris 2024 Olympics. Breaking will have 16 competitors of each gender. They will […]

  • Everyone Needs Alone Time

    Everyone Needs Alone Time

    Fox News shared a story called “Toddler busted after creating secret hiding space in cabinet to watch cartoons, eat crackers“. Everyone needs alone time, including toddlers. This one created his own little space in a cabinet. The mother of the toddler discovered this hiding spot because of the older sister. She noticed her brother getting […]