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  • Boyhood Home of Jesus?

    Boyhood Home of Jesus?

    Whether or not you are Christian, history has established that an influential man named Jesus lived about 2,000 years ago. A CBS article claims an archeologist thinks they found the boyhood home of Jesus. The article “Is this house under a convent in Nazareth the boyhood home of Jesus?” says that while there is no […]

  • The Debate on Dress

    The Debate on Dress

    Early this month Harry Styles posted pictures of himself in dresses, starting a debate on dress. Several people have commented on his choice, most notably Candace Owens. She disagreed and commented that we needed to bring back “manly men”. MSNBC responded with the opinion article “Candace Owens mocks Harry Styles for wearing a dress. Did […]

  • The Pope Like Lingerie on Instagram

    The Pope Like Lingerie on Instagram

    Earlier this week, people noticed that the Catholic Pope Instagram page liked a picture of a model in lingerie. The Hill reported this in its article “Vatican, Instagram investigating Pope’s account liking lingerie model post“. Of course, there is now an investigation underway. They want to see who used the Pope’s account without permission. As […]

  • Random Act of Violence – K9 Death

    Random Act of Violence – K9 Death

    MSN posted about the K9 death in the story “‘Our hearts are broken’: Tennessee police mourn random shooting death of K-9 Officer Sjaak“. In a seeming act of random violence, a man opened fire on the police dog and handler. The police dog named Sjaak died of three bullet wounds. The police department gave the […]

  • Thanksgiving Canceled

    Thanksgiving Canceled

    NBC News included advice called “It’s not too late to cancel Thanksgiving. Here’s how to do it“. This article gives advice on the best way to tell family members that you won’t be visiting on Thanksgiving. It recommends using online alternatives for gathering around the family dinner table. In this year of Covid-19, CDC advises […]

  • Wrongful Life?

    Wrongful Life?

    This morning the ABC News story “Judge awards $10 million to family in ‘wrongful life’ case” caught my eye. Though I’ve heard of wrongful death, I’ve never before heard of wrongful life. A wrongful death lawsuit means that someone died at the legal fault of someone else. A wrongful life must mean the opposite, someone […]

  • Found Lost Boy

    Found Lost Boy

    Imagine the horror of realizing a school lost your 6-year-old child. I can. I have a son near that age. If ever my son became lost in this way I hope a good samaritan would find him and bring him home just like this story of a found lost boy. Fox News posted a story […]

  • Are Antibiotics Dangerous for Babies?

    Are Antibiotics Dangerous for Babies?

    Scrolling through the CNN website the article “Antibiotic use in babies linked to allergies, asthma and other conditions, study finds” caught my eye. I have three children and though no longer babies, I wondered about the possibility of dangerous antibiotics. Honestly, I wondered if this story had facts or simply clickbait. “Children younger than two […]